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Detroit Denim: A Perfect Fit For Downtown Detroit

Detroit  (CBS Detroit)  - We all know about Detroit's manufacturing rise and fall, but slowly the city is redefining itself in the world of making things. One such company is Detroit Denim. They not only craft jeans like no other, but they also help those who live in the city.

Established in 2010, Detroit Denim Co. had a mission to create a high quality pair of jeans for everyone, and to do it here in Detroit. Through the years they've stayed true to that commitment and offer domestically sourced, handcrafted jeans made and sold right here in Downtown Detroit.

"I have always been really fascinated and passionate about denim and jeans specifically," explains Founder and Owner Eric Yelsma. "It wasn't this well thought out strategic thing, it was like it has to be Detroit."

"There's definitely curiosity and interest of what in the world could be made in Detroit, and if so how is it made or what's the story."

"What we're hoping to do as we grow is be able to serve as a kind of education center for these skill sets to make sure that they don't die," says Co-Owner Brenna Lane. "We're really excited and proud to be able to continue to hire and train Detroiters for what we think is a very respectable skill-based job."

"I studied set design and costume design for theatre at The University of Michigan, and I thought that I had to go to New York to find work in my field," says Stitcher Marguerite Woodward. Detroit seemed to me to be everything that I thought New York was going to be in terms of a creative haven. Working here is such an incredible opportunity to develop myself as a creative."

"We make them by hand and they're fitted," says Stitcher Julio Dominguez. "They look great and there's a little bit of me in every pair of jeans."

"There's so much collaboration and community and sense of soul and purpose," adds Yelsma. "This sort of deep, underground feeling that 'hey, we're a maker', you know. We make stuff."

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