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Detroit Bus Services Delayed Because Of Snow

 DETROIT -- (WWJ) -- Individuals who ride public buses in Detroit should expect 30-45 minute delays on Wednesday, Feb. 2. The Detroit Department of Transportation will provide full service on main streets. 

 However, bus service on secondary streets will be affected.  Some routes may be shortened and others canceled because of impassable conditions on residential streets.  Based on weather conditions, the following routes may be affected:

#9 Chalmers
Northbound: Regular to right on Schoenherr to 8 Mile to Michigan U to southbound on Schoenherr to regular. State Fair and Waltham are eliminated.  TEOs are to lay over at Wayburn Loop only.

#10 Chene 
Southbound: Regular to Van Dyke to right on Davison to right on Sherwood to left on Nevada to regular. Chene Court bypass Regency Towers to right on Lafayette to regular. 
Outbound:  Chene to Lafayette bypass Regency Towers to regular.

#11 Clairmount
Westbound: Regular to McGraw to left on Warren to right on Epworth to regular.   
Eastbound: Regular to left on Warren to right on Conner to right on Jefferson to St. Jean, to regular

#13 Conner
Southbound: Regular to Jefferson to Wayburn Loop turnaround to regular.

#19 Fort:   No Bassett service

#27 Joy Road
Eastbound:  Grand River to right on Boulevard to right to on service drive to  right on Scotten to left on Grand River.

 Based on weather conditions, these routes will NOT operate:

#8   Caniff
#15 Chicago Davison
#36 Oakland
#39 Puritan
#40 Russell
#43 Schoolcraft
#46 Southfield
#47 Tireman


These routes will operate:

#7 Cadillac
#12 Conant
#14 Crosstown
#16 Dexter
# 17 Eight Mile
# 18 Fenkell
# 21 Grand River
# 22 Greenfield
# 23 Hamilton
# 25 Jefferson
# 29 Linwood
# 31 Mack
# 32 McNichols
# 34 Gratiot
# 37 Michigan
#41 Schaefer
# 45 Seven Mile
# 48 Van Dyke
# 53 Woodward
# 60 Evergreen
# 76 Hayes Limited
# 78 Imperial Limited

 For additional information concerning bus service, call (313) 933-1300.

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