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Deal in place to give Detroit police officers pay increases

Deal in place to give Detroit police officers pay increases
Deal in place to give Detroit police officers pay increases 01:48

In an effort to attract and retain police officers, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Police Chief James White announced a deal that will boost officer pay.

"We're finally able to offer a contract that gives our officers the kind of raises they deserve," Duggan said.

The proposed deal between the city and police union still needs to be ratified by union members and given the green light by city council.

Union members could vote to ratify the contract "within a week" before it's sent over to city council. 

If it's approved, starting officers' salaries would immediately increase by $10,000.

Officers with at least four-years of experience will see a salary increase of $13,000.

Detectives, lieutenants and sergeants salaries will increase $10,000 and $11,000, respectively.

All officers would receive a four percent annual increase over the next four years.

"Already as of yesterday, five officers hand walked to my office a request to return to the police department. That's the impact," White said.

The announcement is the latest effort by the department to attract more officers.

DPD currently has 300 vacancies—losing 72 in the last two months—with most of them going to area departments.

Before this deal—starting pay at DPD was $43,000—one of the lowest in the metro.

"I've always said we've got the best police department in the country," White said. "And now with this deal, this tentative deal, we are treating them as such."

The deal would also let the city get money back from officers who leave for departments after graduating from the academy and allow for lateral transfers.

All of this will be funded by the city's growing income tax revenue.

The mayor said this is a win for not only officers, but the entire city of Detroit.

"We're doing this because it the right to do for the men and women protecting us but we are doing it because we have to for people of Detroit to protect public safety."

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