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CW50 Street Team Gets Batty With Knowledge

The CW50 Street Team spent the afternoon learning all about the creatures of the night at the 2015 Great Lakes Bat Festival hosted at Cranbrook.

Rob Mies, Executive Director for the Organization for Bat Conservation explained "it's a great way for kids to start to ask questions and as scientist it's our responsibility to answer them."

Kids of any age could listen to bat talks, see bats up close and learn from experts about what is fact or fiction... no, bats will not get stuck in your hair!

"My favorite parts were when I got to hang like a bat and hear like a bat," say Jaeden Stokes. "It was SUPER DUPER URPER SMUPER COOL!"

The most important thing about today's festival is that people will learn something about bats and then go and tell their friends so the knowledge and awareness just grows says Mies.

Well the CW50 Street Team did learn tons at the 2015 Great Lakes Bat Festival that we will be sure to pass along!

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