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Council Calls For Fire Investigation

Detroit City Council is calling for an investigation into the fires that destroyed more than 70 houses last week.

Tuesday afternoon, Councilman Ken Cockrel Jr. told WWJ's Stephanie Davis that he "doesn't want to throw anyone under the bus or point fingers."

"I do think this is the sort of situation where it simply can't be allowed to pass without there being some level of investigation into what went wrong, what went right, where the problems were," Cockrel said.  He added DTE Energy and the fire department's response to the fires need to be looked at along with the work of 911. 

No injuries were reported.

DTE Energy officials could be questioned during a hearing September 29th. 

The Michigan Public Service Commission also says it's investigating the role of DTE  in responding to the Sept. 7 fires

Mayor Bing visited the area on Monday.

Preliminary reports released last Friday show 29 occupied homes were among 71 structures that burned during a series of wind-fed fires that struck a number of Detroit neighborhoods.

Mayor Dave Bing's office said Friday in a release that 50 of the structures have been added to a list for emergency demolition within 30 days. Six were torn down Friday morning.

Fire officials earlier said downed power lines may have started eight fires, while two others appeared to be the work of arsonists.

 City officials met Friday with DTE Energy Co. representatives and identified arcing wires, illegal electrical hookups and the utility's response to reports of downed wires among issues to be investigated.

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