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"Challenge Detroit" Works For Positive Change In The City

DETROIT (WWJ) - An innovative program has 30 young people working and living in the city of Detroit hoping to make some positive changes.

The group "Challenge Detroit" is working at the International Institute of Detroit, which encourages young people to work on Detroit's problems.

This month's challenge focuses on increasing retention and attraction of international talent to Detroit.

Twenty-eight year-old Caroline Gersch is a Wayne State Law School graduate and cultural ambassador's in the city:

"The role of the volunteers to seek out both domestic and international individuals who are considering moving to the area and basically take them on tours in the general area, places of special interest and just act as a compassionate support system," said Gersch.

Gersch lives in Detroit as part of "Challenge Detroit" and says she'd like to stay in the city once the program is complete.

Check out the blogs written by "Challenge Detroit" fellows.

Find out more about "Challenge Detroit", here. 

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