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CBS Mornings' Gayle King Visits Detroit, Motown Museum

(CBS DETROIT) -- Sitting in the same studio where legendary group the Temptations recorded their hit song my girl, CBS' Gayle King and the last living member of the group Otis Williams sat down to talk about their journey and impact.

We got a behind-the-scenes look at the interview, which is a part of the morning show's new segment called mornings mixtape.

"It was an honor moment for me because I just admire who he is and what he does. Just him as a man," King said.

The two spoke at the Motown Museum in Detroit as they took a trip down memory lane about the Temptations' early days.

From their struggles, their success to their lasting impact on music and culture.

But one of the things that stood out most to King during the interview was Williams' story about performing during the Civil Rights Era when the crowd at times would be separated by race.

"Just think you go out on stage and you don't know if the black and white section is going to be roped off and the little boy who put up the rope that separated the two audiences came up to him years later saying I was the little boy who did that and I did not want to do that. I needed a moment for that," King said.

The thought behind the segment mornings mixtape was to select a musical act whose music will remain timeless.

King says there aren't too many better to think of than the iconic group the Temptations.

And there is literally nobody on this earth who can tell their story better than Otis Williams.

"You can look forward to Otis Williams taking us behind the scenes of the Temptations before during and after," she said. "To be there at in the beginning, in the middle and to still be there after when everybody else is gone and he's still continuing."

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