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Blog: Detroit Tigers Fantasy Camp Will End With Injury Or Embarrassment; I'm OK With Both

By: Evan Jankens

Let me start off this blog by saying I am not bragging. I'm not even doing a humblebrag.

But through luck (or pure unadulterated talent), I've landed the coolest job in the world. I fulfilled my lifelong dream of covering sports, I get to meet some of the hottest females in the world, and I work with a pretty amazing group of people. I'll even include Jimmy Powers on that list, and Terry Foster.

As part of this job, a unique opportunity was presented to me to go to Detroit Tigers fantasy camp. I have always wanted to do it, I just never knew I would get the opportunity.

At the camp we will be playing two games a day, along with other drills so I me and every other person lucky enough to be there can live out our dream of being a Detroit Tiger.

Here is where the humor comes into play.

This past weekend, I figured I should buy a cup so I don't injure myself "down there." I was told you can now buy shorts that have the cup included instead of the jock strap I had to wear as a teenager.

I went to a sporting goods store over the weekend and found a pair that should have fit me. They were labeled "L."  I went home to try on the shorts...they were about as tight as any pants could be. I thought to myself, "there is no way I will be able to move around in these things." I did some deep lunges, some squat thrusts, I just couldn't get these things to loosen up.

I took them off, looked more closely at the tag and noticed they were a YOUTH large, not an adult size.

Here is where I really get bothered... The more I thought about it, I started to think to myself..."is it odd that the cup part actually fit well?"

That was fantasy camp fail No. 1 and here's No. 2 ... Above you will see a video of me taking batting practice at Comerica Park this past weekend. Let's just say I have a lot to learn.

Lesson number one was to try and forget my golf swing and not drop my hands. You will see me miss multiple pitches from an underhand pitch. Hey, it's a work in progress!

You can follow along next week as I will be in Lakeland, Fla., participating and I'm sure there will plenty of times that I embarrass myself!

If you would like to go to Detroit Tigers fantasy camp, click HERE for all the information.

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