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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 39 Recap: Then There Were Three

If you missed Friday's episode it felt like a waste. It was more reminiscing than any game play happening. But there were some never before seen clips that were shown. However if you have been subscribed to the live feeds its nothing new. It was new however for the casual viewer. But even for the casual viewer, nothing really was exciting to watch. It was the three houseguests just chatting at the dining table going over the game. Then spending the last few minutes showing us the beginning of the first of three part HOH competitions. Rather than giving a recap of Friday's episode, I'll recap the season for those who are now just watching the finale for either Derek, Cody or Victoria will win the $500k and be crowned Big Brother winner.

Victoria's Journey to Final Three

Victoria has been the sacrificial nominee since the very beginning. However she was never really the target during her nine times being on the block. Victoria never made an alliance. But was befriended by Derrick and quickly bonded to what she called a "brother-sister," relationship. Their alliance was "blood is thicker than water," according to Victoria. At the beginning she was targeted as a weak player, then wasn't target for a few weeks, but saw herself sitting on the block again. Victoria was a floater and she used it to her advantage. She's the last girl standing but she has very little chance of actually winning the game in my opinion.

Cody's Journey to Final Three

Cody has had a relatively easy journey to the final three. He was chosen by Devin to be a part of the half the houseguest alliance called "The Bomb Squad," then was part of "The Detonators," and had an alliance with Derrick called, "The Hitmen." Cody's social game was his biggest reason he has stayed in this game the longest. He has however won a few HOHs and the last week won POVs. Cody's social game mainly involved flirting and being one of the guys. Cody was a likable houseguest and he attracted the ladies of the house. However his flirting often got the best of him, for example Amber and Caleb's obsession with her, also Christine who is married. Cody's been able to use the alliances he's been in to his advantage to continue to stay in the game. The only way I see Cody winning is if he takes Victoria to the final two meaning he sends Derrick home and to jury. But his loyalty to Derrick is his downfall.

Derrick's Journey to Final Three

Derrick has had the most planned out journey to the final three and the only houseguest in any Big Brother season to never be nominated. This may change if he doesn't win the final HOH competition, but he has to win one of the two part HOHs to get there. Derrick outside the Big Brother house is a Sergeant Officer, early in his career he was an undercover cop and with those skills was able to manipulate many of the houseguests into doing all of his bidding. Derrick also had the safety net of "The Bomb Squad," "The Detonators," "The Hitmen," and "Team America," while in the house. Each week he helped send house strong players early on and leaving houseguests who blindly follow not realizing Derrick's plans of evicting them before it's too late. Derrick's been very cunning, manipulative and personable with these houseguests. This season has been shaping out to be "Derrick's Big Brother," and its his season to lose.

My Prediction for HOH Competitions & Final Two

On Friday before ending, we saw Cody, Derrick and Victoria heading to the back yard for the first part of three part HOH competitions. The first one being an endurance competitions and I can easily predict that Cody will win this. I believe Derrick will throw it to save his energy for the second part and Victoria will try as she may stay on but will lose this competition. For the second HOH competition, it will be a time challenge and if you're a Big Brother super fan will know it will be to put the order of evicted houseguests in order in a large-scale puzzle. It's easy to predict that Derrick will win this over Victoria or even Cody. What might be a twist to this challenge may be to put the HOHs as well and at the beginning of the season the twist of the Double HOH may confuse some of the houseguests in remember who nominated which evicted houseguest. For the Final HOH competition, if my predictions of Cody and Derrick win both HOHs they'll compete against each other on a trivia challenge, which will be on finishing what the jury member would say. This is a huge toss up because both of them have gotten to know the jury members equally but I believe Derrick will have the advantage. If Cody wins the final HOH, Derrick will be sitting with him in the final two. However it may not be the same case with Derrick, he might take Victoria to the final two, just to secure an unanimous vote from jury to win the game.

My Prediction For The Winner

Like I said early, this season is Derrick's to lose. Like Survivor, which will be airing right before the finale, has outwit, outplay and outlasted the competition. He's been clear since day one he's playing for his family and if he does win will win won of the biggest prizes from Big Brother. Not only would he get $500k, but since he was on Team America will receive an extra $50k, $20k for the completed missions on Team America as well as the $5k from the "5,000 Hollas & 5,000 Dollas" option from an HOH Competition, so in total would being $575k. If Derrick were to not win the final HOH there would need to be a huge epiphany from Cody or Victoria that their chances of winning would dramatically increase if Derrick weren't in the picture. However their loyalty for him is blindly leading them to crowning themselves runner up. The jury as we've seen in segments is for Derrick to win as well because of his game play. They aren't surprised Victoria is still in the house because the jury knows she's a floater and is weak at competitions. Cody's only support in jury would be Caleb, since Caleb is hurt by Derrick's manipulation and loyalty. So again, it's Derrick's to lose. He could be the second houseguest in Big Brother history to have an unanimous vote for his victory but the first if he were to win the final HOH to never be nominated and the richest winner of Big Brother. Derrick has a lot of "possibilities," that will happen to him if he can survive the final HOH competition, jury questioning and voting.

Tune in Wednesday at 8pm on CBS 62 Detroit for the premiere of Survivor and then at 9:30pm watch the live season finale of Big Brother, which will be 90 minutes long. We'll see who wins the final HOH, the finale two being questioned by the jury, reunited with all the houseguests from this season, the revealing of Team America, America's Favorite Player gets crowned (which should be Donny) and the winner of Big Brother 16. Wednesday night will be CBS' biggest Reality TV night this fall as one show ends until next summer another show just begins! If you're interested in applying for Big Brother 17 go to for more info. I'm exciting to see all the houseguests back and who wins this season!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email

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