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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 9: No Surprises Here

By Mark Drum

Our fellow Michigander said it best for last night's episode. "@DanGheesling: Too much crying. Need more moves and back stabbing. Quickly. What is this?!? #BB15." I can understand how a houseguest's social game can involve tears, but during this episode it was flooded with the water works. Some were even my favorite kind of crying, croc tears. Crying is all the same -- a ploy for sympathy. All is see are these houseguests crying a river.

To Tell The Truth

Howard had the opportunity to tell the truth to Helen and he lied. Spencer decided it was time to come clean about the Moving Company. After Jeremy, McCrae and now Spencer admitting to the five guy alliance, Howard is looking pretty bad. Now Helen has been crying a lot in this game, some of her tears I feel have been genuine and at other times pure croc tears. Best example of the croc tears was when she felt "betrayed" by Spencer. I think this definitely worked in Helen's advantage but I'm also getting sick of the tears in this Big Brother house.

Elissa takes no orders from McManda

It's pretty safe to say Amanda and McCrae or many live feeders have dubbed them as "McManda," are a showmance and a "power couple." A word of caution though for Amanda, she's barking orders when she doesn't have any power since she's not HOH nor did she win BBMVP. The only thing Amanda and McCrae have are votes, however there are still plenty of people in this house and their votes aren't really crucial at this time.

It was pretty clear that the Mom Squad wanted to get Jeremy out. The only catch was making sure Jeremy would be "backdoored" into nominations. McManda wanted Howard because of the lies he had spun to Helen, but that wasn't good enough reason for Elissa the BBMVP for the third week in a row. Now, America are we really choosing the right person as BBMVP? I don't think so…Let's really think about giving this power to someone else next week. I do want to give credit to Elissa for not taking the verbal threats that Amanda was lashing out to Elissa and Helen. Amanda should be careful what she says or she could be a target by the very group she's currently aligned with.

Kaitlin's Lose/Lose Situation

After Helen drew GinaMarie and Candice to play POV, it was clear the Mom Squad was beaming with joy that Jeremy had no chance to win the POV. It did however left Aaryn and Kailtin to fight to get themselves out of the block. I think it was a bit ridiculous for Kaitlin to try and get GinaMarie to take her off the block over Aaryn, when GinaMarie is still an emotional wreck since Nick has been gone. Also GinaMarie having to choose from two of her alliance members, Kaitin made a bold move but not a strong argument.

Now the POV competition looked fun. A physical and mental challenge for the houseguests. I wasn't surprised by Aaryn's time, seeing her clips of making hasty decisions without actually studying the pictures while she was jumping cost her time. I was surprised that Candice was the only one that took all the pictures out first and laid them out, then actually started to memorize. This was a smart strategy but Kaitlin came out on top. I couldn't believe for a second Kaitlin would think about not using the POV on herself. I almost thought she was going to pull a Marcellas from Season 3 and 7. Luckily she used her better judgement and took herself off the block, but only to have Jeremy her showmance take her place.

My Prediction for Eviction

This will be an interesting vote, could we possibly see our first three split type voting? I could see Candice & Howard vote to evict Aaryn, while the Mom Squad vote to evict Jeremy and GinaMarie & Kaitlyn vote to evict Spencer. So if this were the case it would be a 2-5-2 but it will most likely be 7-2. Though I've seen some crazier outcomes, but Jeremy has seen the last of his days in the house.

My Prediction for HOH

This will probably be an endurance competition and if that's the case we may see McCrae back into power. But I'm hoping to see a "floater" win this time. Who are the floaters I'm speaking of? That would be Andy, GinaMarie, Spencer or Judd. They are floaters because most have been under the radar and been floating with crowds. Haven't seen much gameplay from these houseguests, so I'm hoping one of them starts to step up. A dark horse would be Elissa for an endurance competition. It would be interesting to see if Elissa get HOH and BBMVP, having full control of nominations would be ridiculous.

I wonder if Julie Chen will be just as sassy as she was last week during the live show and if Jeremy might do some schmoozing. Also during the live feeds, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie have thought about self evictions if Jeremy were to be evicted, this would bring an interesting twist to the game. But we'll have to tune in to CBS 62 at 9 p.m. tonight!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He's a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email

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