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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 24: Amanda Gets What She Wants

By Mark Drum

Well the conspiracy theory must be true because Amanda is safe once again! It's the only explanation when America nominates her as MVP and then Aaryn considers nominating her. Some little mouse must be feeding something to these houseguests not to evict Amanda. But this is just a theory and I'll be more than happy to continue to fuel the rumor because I am sick of Amanda in the Big Brother house. Amanda is probably a nice person but I'm sick of her game play and she needs to go! If you don't know the rumor, just search online for it or read a past recap of mine to find out!

The Rat Continues To Tattle

Ironic that Helen thought she was safe being in an alliance with Andy & McCrae. As per usual The Rat of 3 AM continues to be the critter that he is and find himself in the conversations of those on the block. I can't help but think Andy genuinely doesn't care for his "friends" because he's relying on his allies. His allies aren't enemies of his and neither are his friends, so obviously he's just leaching onto whoever is in power and that can feed him for safety. Just like a rat would do. Andy should stop playing with blinders and see that he's soon to be played as well.

Thank you Elissa for breaking up the make out session of McManda. I enjoyed Elissa being the buzz kill and Amanda trying to get Elissa out for more time with McCrae. Even though they're pretty much tied to each other on a leash. Of course Amanda has to feed Elissa information to join her side. Luckily Elissa is smarter than that but still doesn't like being bullied by the Bully of 3 AM. As per usual the Bully has her Boy Toy to lean on, while having her Rat do some work. So Amanda again is safe but of course continues to get more air time than any houseguest, even not being in power or competing in competitions. Why haven't these houseguests sent her home? It's obviously rigged or she's that good of a player or a combination of the two. Either way it's continuing to make this game predictable when as a viewer, I would like to see some power moves or surprises, but I'm starting to get bored. Just like the Classic Games for POV.

POV of Love Letters Lost

Any Big Brother fans notice that OTEV's voice found like ZingBot3000's voice? Now I enjoy that it's a musical chairs scavenger hunt, but add another twist to it. For example more punishments. I wanted to see someone else put on a unitard or being in solitary confinement or maybe be an instant eviction. The POV however proved that Elissa is a force to be reckoned with. She does have her sister Rachel Rielly's spirit when competition because Elissa definitely went full on beast mode to win. Now Spencer was getting annoying saying he needed to win and trying to shove the fact he was playing to Helen's face. I would hope that Spencer would just put that fuel to just the game, which I think he did but ended up short. Now I really think Big Brother is trying to enable GinaMarie to continue her obsession with Nick. Fun fact some live feeds showed that she even kept one of the props from the game, which was an envelope with Nick's name on it. Eventually we'll probably see a Nick statue in the Big Brother house.

Alcohol is the Truth Juice

Even the Bully bullies one of her own and that being her little Minion, Aaryn. Not surprised that after the POV competition the conversation of topic was the now infamous "Wine Night," with the houseguests. Granted both Aaryn and Amanda have had their differences. But really this was some Alpha Females trying to stake their claim of power in the house. In the end the winner being Amanda. I was really hoping that with a slight chance of a fight and the influence of alcohol that Aaryn would come to her senses and actually nominate Amanda. Knowing Amanda however she'd find a way to not put up by doing what she does best, bullying the other houseguests.

My Prediction for Eviction

With a vote of 4 - 1, Helen will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Amanda as usual is getting what she wants by evicting the houseguests that are affecting her chances in the game without even being in power. Which is getting ridiculous but also igneous. However she's no Dr. Will and he wrote the book on being a villain. Amanda is looking to take pages out of his game play for her own advantage in the game. So bravo Amanda, but that's the only compliment you're getting from me on this recap.

Prediction for Evicted Houseguest Coming Back

Honestly it's anyone's competition to lose. So I'm hoping whoever comes back makes sure to get Amanda, McCrae or Andy out of that house next week. Specifically Amanda, since they've all been targeted by her and evicted because of her. Would only make sense. Yet in some twisted gameshow fix, Amanda will probably smooth talk her way out of it. Here's hoping the Bully gets bullied next week by the returning houseguest.

Prediction for HOH Winner

I predict that the HOH will be the houseguest that earns their way back into the Big Brother house. So as a twist they'll put them in power. Kind of a hail mary tactic for in the event Amanda was being evicted this was a surefire way to bring her back into the game and take control. I'm just fueling conspiracies and rumors, which are all untrue, but as a Big Brother fan you begin to wonder what twists are in store and the continuing predictability of the game. Hoping the producers have some great twists up their sleeves.

We're nearing the end and about four weeks left! So expect another double eviction and most likely tonight we'll see what the houseguests have been doing in the jury house. I can't wait to see the reaction from Amanda when she finds out one of the houseguests she's worked so hard to get evicted is giving the opportunity to come back into the game. So hopefully soon Amanda won't get what she wants!

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS Detroit for the Live Eviction!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He's a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email

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