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As UAW strike looms, workers prepare on staying afloat

As UAW strike looms, workers prepare on staying afloat
As UAW strike looms, workers prepare on staying afloat 03:38

(CBS DETROIT) - We are just one week away from the deadline for the Big Three automakers to come to an agreement with United Auto Workers. 

UAW worker Eric McIntosh says he's concerned that a strike could happen. 

"Just because we go on strike … the bills don't stop coming. So that's like my main concern," he said. 

As the UAW contract talks rev up, the wait is on whether or not a strike will happen. 

"I feel like we need this strike because I feel the cost of living is going up," McIntosh said. 

How long the strike will last is what concerns McIntosh.

If a strike happens, UAW workers will receive $500 weekly. With a fiancé and two children, that money won't go far for McIntosh, but he is optimistic that a strike will be avoidable.

"You know, my check, being what it is, to $500, is pretty demoralizing, to say the least," he said. 

Though McIntosh doesn't want to, he's ready to strike, if need be, and understands its purpose. With a fiancé who works and a savings account, McIntosh's family will be able to suffice during a strike.

He's hoping negotiations will be fruitful and workers will continue on the clock next week. 

"There is no big three without the people without the union. I think they know that and they'll come to the table with the right mindset."

Experts say if a strike lasted just 10 days, it would cost the three automakers close to $1 billion.

When UAW workers went on strike in 2019, it cost GM over $3 billion. 

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