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Anti-Semitic flyers found distributed in Ann Arbor

Anti-Semitic Flyers Found Distributed in Ann Arbor
Anti-Semitic Flyers Found Distributed in Ann Arbor 01:42

"Unfortunately these things do happen," said Eileen Freed, the Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor. 

Freed is reacting to anti-Semitic flyers that were found distributed across the city of Ann Arbor. The flyers, which accused the Jewish people of creating the Covid-19 Pandemic were found thrown in driveways and scattered around several parks. 

 "The people who put these together are just trying to sow discontent and hate and make people fearful," Freed said. 

Detroit Now News decided not to show the flyers because they're offensive and inappropriate. However, after investigating the source of the flyers, it appears those responsible for creating the flyers are citing the controversial conspiracy group know as Qanon. 

"This is the first time I've seen an effort to distribute hate literature like this throughout certain neighborhoods," said Mayor Christopher Taylor, with the city of Ann Arbor. 

Mayor Taylor said this type of activity should not be tolerated anywhere and he said he is going to take the necessary actions and contacted law enforcement. 

"These are efforts to intimidate, to tear us apart and they will fail," Mayor Taylor added. 

According to Taylor, Ann Arbor police are investigating the incident and who is behind distributing the flyers. 

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