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Alleged Wire Found In Pedigree Dog Food Is Pig And Cow Hair, Company Says

DETROIT (WWJ) - Outraged pet owners are taking to social media to complain about a popular brand of dog food they say is harming their pets.

Some have posted photos and videos the Pedigree Dog Food Facebook page showing what they say are pieces of wire they found in the kibble — and many more have posted angry comments.

Chris Siers writes: "My dogs became very ill lost a lot of weight, vomit and blood in their stool. I also found metal in this product; still have half a bag left I will be returning. Never again will I buy your product."

But Lisa Campbell, spokesperson for Pedigree says they've taken a close look at the purportedly tainted food — and nothing is out of the ordinary.

"We've tested a number of these Pedigree samples that have been returned by consumers, and we have been able to confirm and verify that these are natural fibers," Campbell said.

What pet owners believe to be wire, Campbell said, is actually small pig and cow hairs.

She says this is perfectly normal.

"It's not uncommon to see natural fibers — like animal hair, for instance — from beef and pork ingredients," Campbell told WWJ's Chrystal Knight.

"I mean, we can't conclude a hundred percent until someone sends in a specific sample," she added, "but when I can tell you is that the samples that have been returned to us we've been able to confirm that what consumers are seeing are natural fibers consistent with what you'd see with beef or pork ingredients."

On Twitter, the company has replied to dozens of concerned customers stating that the fibers are from "meat bone meal" that is "safe for dogs to consume."

Some worried pet owners are not satisfied with Pedigree's answer.

Heather Barker posted: "These pieces of so-called 'bone fragment' are not even close to looking like bone. They are very thin pieces of wire and they are black and clear. I would like my money back before something worse happens to my dog and get her a food where someone will take responsibility."

The company has not announced a recall of the food.

Those with questions and complaints about the food can call Pedigree at 1-800-525-5273.

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