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First at 4 Weekday Anchor Mekialaya White is a proud Coloradan and couldn't ask for a better place to call home. She's as thrilled to share your stories as she is passionate about the gorgeous state she grew up in!

Mekialaya has worked her way up the ranks to her current role at CBS News Colorado. After several months as a part-time overnight writer and producer, she began reporting on-air at CBS News Colorado in January of 2019. In July 2021, she was promoted to weekend morning anchor. And in September of 2022, she took on her newest role as 4 p.m. anchor Monday - Friday. It has always been her dream to be here, and she is sincerely honored to help give others a voice every day.

She got her start in TV at the University of Northern Colorado, double-majoring in journalism and communications, minoring in English.

Mekialaya is grateful that her news career has allowed her to experience a variety of cultures. She has produced, reported, and anchored in Wichita, Kansas; Cincinnati, Ohio; and her hometown of Colorado Springs (go, Rampart Rams!). She's earned a variety of storytelling awards, including from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for feature and weather coverage.

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Some of her most memorable shoots involve the wild severe weather and tornadoes of the Kansas plains, and the anticipation of election nights and inaugurations; she's extensively covered major breaking events like the Planned Parenthood and Boulder shootings and Colorado wildfires. The stories she holds dearest to her heart are those where she's able to share inspiration and empower action. Weekly, she works closely with Colorado nonprofit Raise the Future to highlight Wednesday's Child youths in stories and help them find family permanency.

During Black History Month in 2022, Mekialaya was selected by the publication Denver Urban Spectrum as one of the city's "African Americans Who Make a Difference." In 2023, Mekialaya was presented with the University of Northern Colorado Alumni Award presented annually to five UNC graduates in recognition for career achievements and a commitment of service to the university.

Aside from reporting, she LOVES to adventure (Ouray and Telluride are her absolute favorite parts of our state), savor time with her husband, family and friends, and volunteer in her community. She's also a foodie and doesn't hesitate to throw down in the kitchen. Any and all recipes welcomed! Pass 'em along, along with your story ideas.

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You can catch her anchoring every weekday, 4-5 p.m. She also often reports for evening shows.

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Just The Facts

Position: Anchor and Reporter
Year hired: 2019
Alma Mater: University of Northern Colorado
Why I am journalist: To empower and serve others; it's a true honor.
Dream interview: Oprah! Undoubtedly.
Role model: My mama and dad; they're the most selfless, incredible people and I don't know what I would do without them. (Fun fact: They're also 20+ year Air Force veterans)
Dream job: My current one!
Job you would never attempt: Mathematician, too right-brained.
Favorite musician: So many, but my go-to's are R&B, hip hop, and alternative rock.
Hidden talent: I am a dance machine! I also speak conversational French.
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Hobbies: Experiencing new things. Hiking, photography, learning, reading, COOKING.
Favorite food: My go-to, to cook and eat, is Mexican food. Sushi is a close second! The more interesting the roll, the better.
Number of siblings: One younger brother
Number of pets: One puppy. We have a chocolate Goldendoodle named Gia! She is a joy, and we are 100% THOSE dog parents. She has her own Instagram page!
Favorite sports team: Nuggets!
Favorite author: Gillian Flynn
Favorite vacation spot: Thus far, definitely Tulum, Mexico
What one word best describes CBS News Colorado: Teamwork
Least favorite household chore: Honestly, I know it's strange, but I love cleaning. Tidiness is huge for me.
Favorite noise: The people I love laughing together. It's the best!
Favorite word: Saunter
Least favorite words: I don't have one!
What keeps you in Colorado? Everyone I love. My family and friends.
What's the biggest risk you've taken? Moving across the country to the Midwest solo and not knowing a soul for previous journalism jobs.
Who would play you in a movie? I've always wanted to make a movie cameo as a reporter. A girl can dream, right?

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