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Your Questions Answered About The Giraffe Birth

DENVER (CBS4) - Millions of people are watching, waiting for April the giraffe to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park.

The popularity of April has brought thousands of comments to our Facebook page, people asking everything from how long the birth will take to what the father's role will be after the baby is born.

Because of that interest, Thursday morning we asked Denver Zoo's assistant curator of hoofed-stock, Vickie Kunter, to come in and answer your questions live on our Facebook page.

Here's the full interview:

"Giraffe are kind of an iconic species for most zoos," Kunter said. "The animals that we have in our zoos we do think of as bringing attention to the animals. The people in the zoos see the animals here, then maybe they're interested in finding out about the wild population and how that's doing. All of that is great for those populations, especially those that may be having difficulties or are declining."

On Thursday, the Animal Adventure Park posted an update on April, saying "progression continues. We cannot confirm active labor at this time, however giraffes hide their signs as a natural instinct, that is why until we see hooves we will not announce active labor. Behavior is on point, mammary development is perfect! We are just waiting for the calf!"

The Animal Adventure Park set up a GoFundMe account for those wishing to donate to help out the giraffe "family fund."

LINK: Animal Adventure Park On Facebook

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