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You can help Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver on this Toy Collection Day

You can help Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver on this Toy Collection Day
You can help Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver on this Toy Collection Day 06:43

The Together 4 Colorado Toy Collection Day is taking place Thursday until 7 p.m. CBS4 newscasters and Boys & Girls Clubs staff and members are out at 2 locations: King Soopers at Yale & Colorado; and King Soopers at Peoria & Parker Road.

LINK: Together 4 Colorado Toy Drive 

KBCO midday host, Ginger, will be doing her show live from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Peoria and Parker Road location.

"What a beautiful gift. I mean, this can be a very stressful time of year for the kids. We have 21 Boys & Girls Clubs, thousands of kids, and it can be stressful for the parents," said Rich Burrows, Club Director at the Broncos Boys & Girls Club.


The Together 4 Colorado Toy Drive is designed to take the pressure off those parents who are struggling to make ends meet, and to make sure that every child at the clubs have something to play with for the holidays. The clubs serve kids from kindergarten through high school, so we're collecting toys appropriate for ages 5 to 18.

"A lot of the kids at the club don't have that resource at home, so being able to come to the club, knowing that they can get presents, and knowing they have a Christmas at the club, it's helpful," said Ray Ray, a longtime club member.

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The collection is one of the most fun days of the year for CBS News Colorado staff members, and the Boys & Girls Clubs. The community comes together with big and small donations. Businesses bring toys over that they've collected. Everyone is in a festive good mood, and the generosity is overwhelming.

Then the good cheer extends right into the Clubs' holiday parties, where the kids get food, and are allowed to pick out the toys they want for themselves and their family members. The toys are even used beyond the holidays.

"Kids are earning them all through the year, doing their homework, doing their reading programs, so we use every single resource, and it helps us year-round," Burrow told CBS News Colorado.

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