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'I Took Off Chasing After It': Man Warns Against Puffing During Frigid Temperatures

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) - With potentially record cold temperatures gripping Colorado, a man who recently had his car stolen in front of him is hoping to stop others from making the same mistake.

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"My truck was sitting there. I came out like I do every morning to warm up my truck just a couple minutes before I bring the kids out for school," said Luke Davis.

As he headed inside to grab his kids, he heard his engine.

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(credit: Luke Davis)

"I heard my truck idle go differently than it normally should. It being a diesel it revs differently. I came out of the garage and was like, 'my truck is moving.' I took off running down my driveway and the truck sped off from there. I took off chasing after it."

Last Tuesday morning, Davis used a neighbor's car to chase after the thief. Eventually they got away.

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"Frustration, anger, mostly frustration," Davis said. "It was just a hard feeling to walk out and have it happen and watch it unfold going down the street."

His 2005 White Ford F-350 hasn't been seen since.

"Every time I see what looks to be my truck. It's like 'oh, is that my truck?' I get my phone out to call 911. It's gone it's not here anymore, have to move on from it," he said.

He has advice for anyone else who parks their car outside.

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"Tough it out, don't start your vehicle early because it can happen to anyone, literally I'm proof of it," Davis said.

It is against the law to leave your vehicle running unattended for any period of time.

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