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Warm Weather Helps Crews Get A Shovel On More Potholes

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver Public Works crews have been taking advantage of the warm weather to repair potholes.

Teams were working 12-hour shifts this weekend to fill the potholes that opened up during the latest freeze-thaw cycle.

As of last Monday crews had filled more than 10,000 potholes. That's compared to 6,100 in the same period last year.

"I've noticed Quebec is terrible," one driver said.

"Lower Broadway, over there by I-25," another said. "Just like you're off-roading, basically, on Broadway."

Nancy Kuhn with Denver Public Works said crews will fill reported potholes first.

"We have pothole crews going out and filling as many potholes as they can," Kuhn said. "Our target range is to fill reported potholes within 25 to 72 hours."

Pothole Pot hole 1
(credit: CBS)

Crews will then actively search for problem areas. But Kuhn said the best way to make sure a pesky pothole is dealt with is to report it to 311.

"Most are filled within 48 hours, so those calls are important to us," she said. "We want you to call them in so we can go out and get them."

Crews could stay on pothole patrol throughout the week depending on weather.

In addition to calling 311, drivers can report potholes on the city's new mobile app -- pocket gov.

LINK: Report Pothole Problems To CDOT

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