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Victim Of Bear Attack Was Banging Pots And Pans

TRINIDAD, Colo. (CBS4) - A woman who was mauled by a bear in Trinidad Friday evening was banging pots and pans together on her porch in an effort to scare the bear away before the attack, wildlife officials say.

"The woman was at her home with her grandchildren and one of the grandchildren was outside and said 'Oh grandma, a bear' and so she went out, brought the grandchild in the house and then went out to bang some pots and pans together on the porch," Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton said during an interview on the CBS4 Morning News Monday.

"At that point she was actually attacked by the bear," Hampton said.

The woman was able to escape and get inside the home. She called for help and one of her friends arrived before deputies.

Her friend fired some shots at the bear and the animal ran away.

Deputies from the Las Animas County Sheriff's Office arrived at the woman's home with officers from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. When the bear returned, the officers shot and killed it.

Hampton said the bear was a young male. He said the situation was rare because the woman wasn't doing something his department advises against.

"We encourage people to do things that don't get that bear to want to hang around," Hampton said. We don't want (bears) comfortable in neighborhoods. We don't want them comfortable where people are. So banging pots and pans together can be an effective strategy. And we've seen it work time and time again.

"It's just unfortunately in this situation she got too close to the bear -- the bear got too close to her -- and it can have these tragic consequences, too. Sometimes it's best to call for help if you're not in a situation where that bear is a threat to you if you are in the house."

The woman was taken to the hospital in Trinidad for her injuries afterwards.

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