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Victim In Deadly Hit & Run Crash Identified

DENVER (CBS4) - The victim in a deadly hit-and-run crash on Monday night has been identified as Ariel Berryman.

Berryman, 28, died of blunt force injuries in the crash that involved four vehicles. The crash happened in the southbound lanes of Colorado Boulevard and Interstate 70 at approximately 6:40 p.m. Monday.

The suspect was later found naked, swimming in a lake at City Park.

Tyler White
Tyler White (credit: CBS)

Tyler White told CBS4's Jennifer Brice from jail that he just moved here from Tennessee to get a fresh start. White is being held for the investigation of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. White says he has been staying with friends. He says he was driving downtown to check out the city when the crash happened.

"I killed somebody and I ask for forgiveness," he told CBS4.

White admits he was speeding when the cars crashed on Colorado Boulevard. A woman driving a Prius was killed.

Police say the speed limit on that road is 35 mph.

One person was killed in a deadly hit-and-run crash at Colorado Blvd. & I-70 on Monday night (credit: CBS)

Police say toxicology reports and downloadable crash data from White's Dodge Charger car will now be part of their investigation.

Detectives are trying to figure out how White got to the lake in City Park where he was found. Denver Police Traffic Investigator Lt. Rob Rock said they believe he walked away from the crash scene on foot but it's also possible he was picked up by another driver.

Tyler White (credit: Denver Police)

"If anyone did pick this guy up by mistake and thought they were helping somebody and didn't realize what he was involved in (a crime), we would appreciate them getting in touch with us," Rock said.

White says he remembers the crash, even waking up but says he thought he was dead. Brice asks, "Do you remember how you got there (City Park) or why you didn't have your clothes on?"

"I really don't know," says White. He added, "something just took over me, told me to go there."

(credit: CBS)

White says he never mean to kill anybody. "I just hope that the family forgives me and I'm sorry about this," says White.

White was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon.

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