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Vets Call Colorado Dog's Rattlesnake Bites 'Worst We've Ever Seen'

LAKEWOOD, Colo., (CBS4) - A woman from Lakewood says her dog has a long road to recovery after being bitten by a rattlesnake on a hiking trail last week. She shared her story with CBS4 in hopes of helping other dog owners. The dog, Foxy, is currently at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital.

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Kelly Sandin, Foxy's owner, said the dog is in the ICU and currently fighting an additional infection, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"We're just trying to remain positive and just really keep fighting for her," Sandin said.

zorro trail rattlesnake warning sign
(credit: CBS)

It all started Thursday evening, when Sandin took the two dogs on a quick hike on Zorro Trail near Dinosaur Ridge. When the trio got to a narrow part of the trail, Foxy saw a snake and dove at it.

"When I realized it was a snake I immediately pulled back on the leash and got the dogs away," Sandin described.

zorro trail rattlesnakes (2)
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By that time, it was too late. Sandin said the rattlesnake bit Foxy three times and at least one of those was on her tongue.

Two women who were mountain biking in the area helped to carry the dog down the trail and to the car to keep the venom from spreading.

Sandin called around found a nearby veterinarian with anti-venom. She said not every location she called had it on hand.

"The veterinarians were like, 'This is the worst we've ever seen,' and everybody is saying she's lucky to be alive at this point," Sandin told CBS4. "Looking back on it, these women definitely helped save Foxy's life."

zorro trail rattlesnake warning sign
(credit: CBS)

Sandin said she's thankful Foxy has a fighting chance, and credits the two women who stopped their ride to make it possible.

"It reinforces that there are so many good people in the world and kind of the kindness of the human spirit," she said.

Sandin was able to track the two women down online and tell them how thankful she is. She plans to keep them updated on Foxy's recovery.

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