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Colorado Man Delivers Medical Supplies During War In Ukraine

(CBS4)- Far from Colorado, University of Colorado graduate Todd Muchow of Durango has been in Ukraine since March. CBS4 reached him on the sandbagged streets of Kyiv walking along anti-tank barriers called "Hedgehogs."

COLORADAN IN UKRAINE 5PKG.transfer_frame_303
(credit: Todd Muchow)

"If a tank was coming they could put these out in the middle of the street," Muchow said.

He is a volunteer delivering medical supplies from warehouses to areas approaching the front lines.

"The other night when we were leaving Dnipro there were a couple of missile strikes and we could smell the residual... the smoke was in the air."

Training is taking place for those who will go into combat. Muchow will not be doing that but must navigate the checkpoints to get to the areas where the supplies are needed.

COLORADAN IN UKRAINE 5PKG.transfer_frame_2294
(credit: Todd Muchow)

"We have a certain color tape and we know the passwords, passcodes for every checkpoint and they change every day."

The center of the fighting is now taking place in eastern Ukraine where there is a strong suspicion of outsiders including Muchow who was recently taking pictures.

"The light reflecting off those old Soviet buildings and I was followed all the way back to where we were staying," he said he was able to convince them he was not a risk.

Muchow and his team transport the supplies in a car he bought in Poland.

"Most of the money is just my personal money that I have just spent."

COLORADAN IN UKRAINE 5PKG.transfer_frame_585
(credit: Todd Muchow)

He said he is not raising funds, just trying to help where it is needed. He is also shooting a documentary about volunteers who dropped everything to go assist in Ukraine.


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