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'It Could Have Been A Posthumous Award': Denver Police Officer Travis Lloyd Reflects On Honor

DENVER (CBS4)- Denver Police Officer Travis Lloyd is being recognized for his bravery in the line of fire, literally. He will receive the Denver Police Department Medal of Honor.

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Travis Lloyd (credit: CBS)

In June of 2018, Lloyd was responding to a robbery at the 7-Eleven on Colfax Avenue and Pennsylvania Street in Denver when the suspect opened fire.

The suspect shot Lloyd. He then made a split second decision no police officer wants to make; to use lethal force.

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(credit: CBS)

"He's trying to take my life and he's doing a pretty successful job so far because I've already been shot and I hear bullets going by my head so the decision is multi-faceted. It's saving my own life, protecting everybody else's life and then what happens if it gets to the point that I'm so severely injured that he gets to go away, he goes around the corner, what does he do next?" said Lloyd.

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(credit: CBS)

Now Lloyd has recovered and is still with the Denver Police Department, just in a different role. He says he never stopped loving what he does.

"Leaving the department never crossed my mind," said Lloyd. "I'm going to be a cop until I retire regardless of what the title is."

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(credit: CBS)

It's that type of bravery and dedication, which he also exhibited on that day in 2018, that has earned him one of DPD's highest honors.

On April 18 he will receive the Denver Police Department Medal of Honor. He says he's grateful and knows the situation could have turned out much differently.

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(credit: CBS)

"It could have been a posthumous award. So all things considered, I'm going to walk fine up to the podium to get it and my wife will be there with my kids so it will be nice that I'm able to receive it in person."

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