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Travelers Return To Find Hail Damaged Cars At DIA

DENVER (CBS4)- Severe storms ripped through the Denver metro area on Wednesday, bringing heavy rain, hail and tornadoes. Some of the hardest hit areas were east of the metro area including Denver International Airport.

The airport was under a ground stop for a while Wednesday afternoon while the most severe storms passed through. Those storms also dumped a lot of hail on those parked at DIA.

hail damage cars
Hail damaged at DIA (credit: CBS)

That means those who returned from their travels on Wednesday evening and Thursday, found their cars with hail damage.

"These are small dents... the entire top surface of the car," said State Farm Insurance adjuster Rex Horn.

State Farm Insurance estimates of the 40,000 vehicles parked at DIA, some of those in long term parking, which is not covered, will find a few dents and dings thanks to Mother Nature.

State Farm Insurance has been receiving dozens of calls from customers inquiring about hail damage. The insurance agency has filed more than 1,000 claims for vehicles with hail damage and that number is expected to grow.

"Most of the damage is very typical to this car, small dents, some have more than others because of the different thickness of metal," said Horn.

Those with vehicle insurance are urged to call for an appointment to evaluate the damage.

Newer vehicles are expected to repair more quickly because the body is more flexible than older vehicles.

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