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Alexander Garfin And Jordan Elsass Say 'The Dominos Will Start To Fall' In Return Of 'Superman And Lois'

(CBS) - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... the return of Superman And Lois to The CW lineup tonight at 9/8c. Man Of Steel fans will finally get a chance to return to Smallville as the show picks up from hiatus to resume its debut season.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Alexander Garfin and Jordan Elsass, who play Superman's teenage sons, to discuss their super hero origins, being renewed for a second season and what's to come for the Super Fam.

MW- Hey fellas, nice to see you both today and excited for the return of Superman And Lois. What's been going on for both of you while the show has been on hiatus?

JE- It was really a nice chance to regroup and prepare and plan out what's next. We shot all the way through it so really there was no break for us but it was a break from the show so there was a little step away from the spotlight.

AG- I have to say there are two sides to life out here as actor and then as public figure and without that public figure aspect being so active while we were on break we really did have a lot of time to focus on just doing what we love; which is acting.

JE- Definitely.

AG- Not only that but we had an ample amount of time to post and an ample amount of time to really make sure that the final product is what we really wanted it to be. That was absolutely a blessing, especially with network TV when everything is coming at you so fast, we really got a chance to make the final product what we wanted and that was a big motivating factor behind that break.

MW- Were either of you fans of Superman or the DC Universe growing up?

JE- One-hundred percent. I've always had this Joker impression, like the Heath Ledger Joker, Dark Knight Trilogy is some of my favorite movies. I loved Smallville growing up and I've seen all ten season a couple of times, big Tom Welling fan growing up. I don't know if it was my main thing but I did love Superheroes growing up; who doesn't really?

AG- I can vouch for this guy, he's a giant Heath Ledger Joker fan. He brings it up at least once a week. [Laughs] But for me I actually used to run around in a cape and pretend to be Superman on a daily basis. It wasn't just on Halloween it was all the time. It had a big letter "A" on it and I wore it until it tore to pieces.

I've also always been a big Trekkie so I absolutely understand the geek culture because I'm a giant part of it and it feels like a blessing to be on the other side of it.

MW- And you'll get to continue being on this side of things with the news the show has been picked up for a second season so congratulations on that. What were each of your reactions when you got the news?

JE- Oh, beyond excited! Not only were we renewed for season two but it happened so early on in season one. We were only on episode three or four at the time.

AG- I remember we were right before episode two aired and I was emailing on of the executives on the show and saying we're the first show I know of that on Google it showed more seasons than episodes at the time. I think that puts things into perspective how quick everything happened.

JE- It was an awesome rise.

AG- It was incredible and I think we were all blown away by that positivity.

MW- Incredible news to receive I'm sure. Last questions before we get out of here today, new episode of Superman And Lois coming to The CW Tuesday night, what's in store for the fans excited to have you all back?

JE- You're going to see a crazy football game and some epic fight scenes; not just from Superman.

AG- We're also going to see the cause for why Jonathan's arm is in that cast as we saw in the promo. We're going to see what drama spills out from that and also everything that was really put into place in those first five episodes; the dominos will start to fall and set up even larger dominos.

JE- Definitely and everyone will get a better look into everything that's going on.

MW- Sounds like appointment television to me! Thank you both for the time today, welcome back and all the best moving forward!

JE- Thanks, Matt!

AG- Thank you, Matt!

Tune in tonight at 9/8c on The CW for an all-new episode of Superman And Lois. Check your local listings for more information.


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