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RTD 'Quiet Zones': Trains On A Line Won't Sound Horns At 9 Crossings

DENVER (CBS4) -- People along nine of the 11 commuter train crossings for RTD's A Line will get a bit of a break, as the trains will no longer routinely sound their horns. The "quiet zones" were put into place early Friday morning.

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The Federal Railroad Administration has now approved the waiver that allows conductors to not routinely sound their horns at the nine crossings. The waiver was the result of a collaboration between RTD, Denver Transit Partners, the city of Denver and the FRA.

Previously, the FRA had concerns over the timing of the crossing gates at several locations. Officials said the gates were inconsistent and sometimes stayed down too long, or lifted too early.

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(credit: CBS)

The nine new quiet zones are at the following crossings:

  • York/Josephine streets
  • Clayton Street
  • Steele Street
  • Dahlia Street
  • Holly Street
  • Monaco Street
  • Quebec Street
  • Ulster Street
  • Havana Street

Train operators can still sound their horn at their discretion and when necessary. RTD says drivers and pedestrians will now need to pay extra attention to signs, lights and the gates to know when a train is approaching a crossing.

The A Line runs from Denver's Union Station to the Denver International Airport.



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