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RFK Jr. campaigns in Colorado

Expect "fireworks" at debate between Lauren Boebert, 5 other Colorado congressional hopefuls
Expect "fireworks" at debate between Lauren Boebert, 5 other Colorado congressional hopefuls 14:22

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is campaigning in Colorado this weekend. He'll hold a private reception in Castle Rock followed by a rally in Aurora.  


Kennedy, an independent, and other unaffiliated presidential candidates began gathering signatures this past week to make the November ballot in Colorado. They need 1,500 signatures from voters in each of the state's eight congressional districts.

Thirty-two years ago a third party candidate for president, Ross Perot, disrupted things for incumbent presidential candidate George H.W. Bush. Bush eventually lost his re-election bid to Democrat Bill Clinton. Could Kennedy do the same for President Biden in his re-election bid, or is it Republican Donald Trump who should be worried about him?

"There's a difference, because Ross Perot clearly was siphoning votes from George H.W. Bush at the time," said CBS Colorado Republican political analyst Dick Wadhams. "I cannot figure out who Kennedy helps or hurts in this thing. It kind of varies from one week to the next."

"When Donald Trump is attacking RFK, that means that he thinks that he's hurting him. But then, Biden is very uncomfortable with him as well. So I'm not sure who he ultimately hurts the most in this race."

CBS Colorado Democratic political analyst Mike Dino has a more decided opinion about Kennedy's presence in the presidential race.

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"I think he hurts Biden," Dino said.

Kennedy plans to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

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