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Prescription medication among mail lost for Silverthorne residents in ongoing postal fiasco

Prescription medication among mail lost for Silverthorne residents
Prescription medication among mail lost for Silverthorne residents 02:18

Silverthorne resident Jan Hardee said she no longer trusts her mail will get to her in a timely manner after witnessing almost two months of no mail, which also meant no prescription medication. 

"Things were a little dicy there for a few months," Hardee said, referencing tracking down her cholesterol meds, which she described as "a nightmare" trying to figure out where it was in the mail between the Dillon and Silverthrone post offices (eventually the Dillon post office would send the prescription drugs back to the sender, causing more of a delay.)

"Some people were missing a lot of mail for a long time," Hardee said. "Mine kinda all showed up in a pile at one point, but it took maybe two months of waiting and wondering."

Even with the sudden appearance of all her mail at once, she's not convinced the issue is fixed for good. Other mountain mailrooms have moved around substitutes to empty backlogs at offices, but those are temporary solutions. It's an issue CBS News Colorado has covered before.

"I did see this piece down in Buena Vista and was like, oh this is a thing everywhere," Hardee said. "It feels like a basic American right that you get your mail and that is not a given up here, not at all."

Add this to the long list of issues people have been having with the mail services. In the meantime, she has tried to get a response from U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse's office, who she said was pretty responsive, but had no real effect on what was happening, to her understanding.

"I've never experienced anything like this or heard anything about it, where you just don't get mail," Hardee lamented. "Then I thought of the consequences of that happening, it definitely made me question our decsion to come up here and live. I love it here, but you gotta get your mail, that is a given!"

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