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People living in Lakewood extended stay hotel asked to leave "because of the concert"

Regulars in Denver hotels being kicked out due to Taylor Swift madness
Regulars in Denver hotels being kicked out due to Taylor Swift madness 03:45

While the Denver metro area is expected to see a boom of economic activity related to the Taylor Swift concerts, there are some who say the influx of visitors is costing them.

"I'm going to try not to cry because I don't want to lose my home," Beth Crezee said.

For nearly a year, the hotel room she has been staying in has been just that for her and her two cats: home.

"I love being here, I just don't like what they are doing to me," she said.

Unable to find affordable housing, she is paying to stay at the Quality Inn & Suites in Lakewood.

"You pay your weekly rate which is $560," Crezee said.

Several others have found it's their only option as well.

"Until we can save up enough money to, you know, go rent a house and what not as long as it takes," another guest said.

With nowhere else to go, their stays are indefinite and that was they made clear to management with some booking months in advance.


 "Here's a new reservation from 7/29 to 8/5," CBS News Colorado reporter Karen Morfitt said looking over Crezee's paperwork.

This week, those who are living at the Quality Inn & Suites learned their rooms had been sold. Crezee's reservation was canceled by management. Some were told they simply had to go. Others were given a chance to pay more than $200 more per night to stay.

"Because of the concert," Crezee said.

"This says we are valued guests, where's the value in that? You have to pack your stuff and go for two days because people are coming in for a concert? That doesn't make any sense," one guest said.

The action has left many of them with few alternative options.

"Where would you go?" Morfitt asked.

"Probably just go camp out," one guest said.

Morfitt called the front office multiple times and even stopped by to see if someone could explain the cancellation policy or offer insight as to why there was such short notice. Staff refused to answer questions and would not share contact information for the general manager, instead saying he would reach out.

Late Thursday afternoon guests say after CBS Colorado started asking questions they were contacted
and told they would no longer have to leave if they paid an additional but much lower fee.

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