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Operation Homefront Crews Leave Messages For Future Homeowners

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (CBS4)- Crews are working to help a military family with a mortgage-free home. It's part of a project called "Operation Homefront."

The organization teamed up with Meritage Homes and other partners that donated time and materials to make the project a reality. It is the first in this partnership located in Colorado.

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The house is under construction in a new development that is near Buckley Air Force Base and the new V.A. hospital.

Those working on the home had the chance to leave messages for the family who will move in.

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"Thank the family for their commitment and service and wish them well and blessings on the home for many years to come," said Rusty Crandall with Meritage Homes.

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The veteran or military family chosen to live in the house will spend a couple years covering the maintenance costs while the nonprofit still owns the property. If the selected veteran or family can handle those expenses, the deed of that house will be placed under their name.

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Operation Homefront will announce the person or family moving in on Sept. 11.

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