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Crews Make High-Altitude Rescues From 14ers

CLEAR CREEK, Colo. (CBS4)- Rescue teams stayed busy in Colorado's high country over the weekend with the help of fellow hikers. Helicopters conducted two rescues on Sunday.

Rescue crews rushed to help a woman with a leg injury on Mt. Bierstadt on Sunday. Six hikers helped the woman who broke her leg on the 14er.

The group says they were about a half mile away from the peak when they saw the woman in pain.

bierstadt rescue
Mtn Bierstadt rescue (credit: Jason Forselius)

"We put her in a little stretcher that folds up around her and brought her down the trail, we were switching out every 20 or 30 feet," said hiker Jason Forselius.

Forselius captured video of the operation as the helicopter searched for a landing zone.

Another helicopter helped bring rescue crews to Mt. Evans where there was another hiker in trouble.

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