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Mountain Lion May Be Hunting Near School In Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - Warning signs are up in a Boulder park after a deer carcass was found. Experts say it's possible a mountain lion is to blame.

The deer remains were found in Martin Park located off Broadway and Table Mesa Drive.

"I was nervous; I was scared to think that a mountain lion was that close to their school where they play outside," Joanna Piquet said.

Piquet's children go to Creekside Elementary where Friday morning an announcement was made to students.

"The principal told us that it was inside recess all day and we didn't get to go outside because there was a mountain lion," student Blake Carter said.

While the mountain lion was no longer lurking around, a deer carcass was still on a nearby softball field.

City wildlife officials say it's clear the deer met its death at the paws of a lion.

"The way it was killed, the manner in which it was killed, the position of the deer and some hair that was already removed from the deer's body," Eric Stone with the City of Boulder said.

Mountain lions are not an uncommon site in Boulder's foothills, but in this case it wandered in to the park nestled in a neighborhood, probably following a natural trail.

"There is a creek that passes through there, so there is an opportunity for a lion to travel through that area undetected along the creek," Stone said.

Boulder open space rangers posted signs Friday warning park visitors of the recent activity.

"Maybe we'll avoid that area a little bit, but we'll still play outside," Piquet said.

If you encounter a mountain lion, first make a lot of noise. Do not approach the animal. Stay as calm as you can and slowly back away. Another trick is to make yourself appear as big as possible.

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