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News Crew Intervenes After Moose Caught On Video Charging Bicyclist

By Danielle Chavira

ANCHORAGE, Ala. (CBS4) - A moose cow was caught on camera charging a bicyclist riding near her and her calves in Anchorage, Alaska.

The CBS-affiliate, KTVA, reports the scary interactions were captured in the station's Facebook Live.

The cow and her calves stood on a trail near the Glenn Highway on Monday. The cow lunged at one rider and caused him to fall, but he wasn't hit by the moose.

As the news crew was speaking to another cyclist, advising them to stay away from the moose family, the cow approached the downed cyclist again.
"I knew then the moose was attacking a rider, so I yelled at a photojournalist to drive down the ditch and onto the trail to get between the rider and the moose. So, that's what we did," Joe Vigil, an anchor at KTVA, said.
Fortunately, no one was hurt, including the moose family.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game came shortly after and shut the trail down near the moose family.

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