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Mom Changes Mind On Chemo Treatments For Son

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) - She said she wouldn't do it, but now a Colorado Springs mother treating her young son's cancer with marijuana has put him back on chemotherapy.

Sierra Riddle suddenly changed her position after being called to a meeting with doctors and Human Services. She says she was told by a doctor to restart the chemotherapy or the matter would end up in court and she could lose her child. She has relented -- for now.

Landon Riddle, 3, is running from cancer, but how to beat it has been the heart of a critical debate. Seeing the impact chemotherapy had on Landon his mother stopped it, moved to Colorado and gave him medical marijuana instead. But last week she says she was summoned to a meeting where her son's doctor gave her an ultimatum -- give the boy chemo or go to court.

"It's horrible," Riddle said. "It's not even a decision I got to make so I can't say I made this decision."

Going against her previous vow she put Landon back on chemotherapy.

"He's already having some side effects, which I knew was going to be the case," Riddle said. "He already having some vomiting and emotional issues with anger and rage; he's not eating very well these past couple days."

Riddle insists the marijuana products have been effective in treating Landon's leukemia.

"He's using all of it to repair and also to continue killing cancer, so there's nothing left over for him to use," she said. "He's been on a high dose of THC."

At one point Landon was given only days to live. He's still alive, but with a future very much in doubt.

Landon is currently receiving both medical marijuana and chemotherapy treatments. His mother's goal is to find a cancer doctor who will agree with what she wants.

The Children's Hospital issued a statement saying chemotherapy treatment over 2 to 3 years has been successful for leukemia.


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