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Boebert disputes allegation husband was "extremely angry" at process server trying to serve divorce papers

Lauren Boebert files for divorce from husband Jayson
Lauren Boebert files for divorce from husband Jayson 00:34

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is challenging the statements of a process server who served her husband with divorce papers. Boebert filed for divorce last month. Newly obtained court documents reveal that the process server who tried to serve her husband, Jayson Boebert, with the divorce papers alleged that Jayson got "extremely angry."

The process server, identified in court documents as Mike Estep, went to a home in Silt, near the town of Rifle and about 175 miles west of Denver, to serve Jayson Boebert with those papers on April 25, but described the congresswoman's husband as being agitated.

"Once he learned that he was being served with Dissolution of Marriage papers he was extremely angry. I tried to hand him the documents but did not take them (sic). He started yelling and using profanities, and told me that I was trespassing, and that he was calling the Sheriff's Office. I told him I was leaving the documents on the chair outside of the door, he closed the door then let the dogs out," Estep wrote in an affidavit obtained by CBS News Colorado through an open records request.

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Jayson Boebert appeared to have been drinking "a tall glass of beer, and cleaning a gun" before Estep knocked on the door, the process server wrote in the affidavit. Lauren Boebert disputed both of those claims, as well as those pertaining to the dogs on her Twitter Wednesday, calling her divorce "a private matter."

"The stories reported about the process server, and even Jayson running over a mailbox are a complete lie," she tweeted. "Jayson doesn't sit around cleaning guns and he certainly doesn't drink beer out of a glass, just as much as he doesn't drink Bud Light. Our own home security footage shows he didn't "sick dogs" on the process server. The dogs were outside when the server pulled up, they never showed aggression toward him, nor did he appear afraid of them." 

Jayson Boebert told The Daily Beast in a text message that "the divorce is sad, I did not expect this, I love her with every bit of my heart, she has been my soul mate and she is the mother of my children."

The couple got married in 2006 in Rifle.

Lauren Boebert represents Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, which covers a huge swath of western and southern Colorado, including Grand Junction, Durango and Pueblo. She was elected in 2020, took office in 2021 and was reelected last year by a narrow margin of 546 votes to defeat Democrat Adam Frisch. He has already announced his candidacy for the 2024 election. 

In 2020, Jayson Boebert made $478,000 working as a consultant for an energy firm, information that was not disclosed during Boebert's congressional campaign and only reported in her financial disclosure forms filed this week, the Associated Press reported in 2021.

Opening Day Of The 117th Congress On Capitol Hill
Representative-elect Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, left, stands for a photograph with her husband Jayson Boebert at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021. Ting Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Jayson Boebert was also sentenced to four days of jail time and two years of probation in 2004 after pleading guilty to public indecency and lewd exposure, after allegedly exposing his penis to two women at a bowling alley, the New York Post originally reported.

Lauren Boebert has also made headlines for defying coronavirus restrictions, boosting the QAnon conspiracy theory and staunchly supporting gun rights. 

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