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Lakewood man's RV stolen along with retirement dreams

Lakewood man explains how thieves spoiled retirement by stealing RV
Lakewood man explains how thieves spoiled retirement by stealing RV 02:02

In the 30 years Jeff Sondrup and his family has lived at their home in Lakewood, they've never had any issues with theft... that is up until Monday when they noticed their motor home was missing from their garage. They believe someone had been scoping out the area for a while.

Surveillance video from a neighbor shows the moments after their motor home was stolen as they drove off.

Jeff Sondrup

"I got up Monday morning and noticed someone had broken the gate to my garage and my motor home was gone," said Sondrup. 

According to Sondrup, it was stolen Monday around 5 a.m. He adds not even his security system would stop the thieves from breaking in.

"If you have something and it's in a garage and you have an alarm system and you think it's secure so you can go to bed at night comfortable, think twice," added Sondrup.

He is now going to spend thousands of dollars on a new security system, to ensure this doesn't happen again.

But first, he is asking the community for help in finding his second home: a 2016 tiffin phaeton class motor home with South Dakota license plate 1BW-049.

"You work hard all your life to buy something like that so you can travel and enjoy life and people just take it from you," said Sondrup.


Sondrup and his wife had just returned from their vacation in Florida a couple of weeks ago and were preparing for future trips, that are now canceled.

"I am hoping somebody will see it so they can call the local police department so we can get it back and get back to enjoying life," he added.

Lakewood police said they're working on this case, with no leads yet.

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