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Colorado Woman Among Veterans Suffering After Serving At 'K2' Base

(CBS4) - A former U.S. Army intelligence analyst from the Black Forest area near Colorado Springs is among several veterans suffering from reproductive health issues, including cancers. The new information comes in a six month-long CBS News investigation into a remote military base in Uzbekistan.

The service members served after 9/11.

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Elba Barr (credit: CBS)

Elba Barr deployed across the Middle East and Africa to track al-Qaida. The 41-year-old mother of two blames the four months she spent at the former Soviet airbase, known as K2, for her chronic reproductive health issues.

"I had cervical issues. Continued having severe pain -- endometriosis. Had to have a partial hysterectomy. Last year I had both of my ovaries removed, and they found onset, stage one cancer," Barr said.

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(credit: Elba Barr)

More than 200 female veterans, including Barr, who spent time at K2 talked about their experiences and health issues on a Facebook page.

The CBS News investigation revealed soil was saturated with jet fuel, oil and lubricants as well as warnings for radiation.

The Department of Veterans Affairs says it doesn't recognize a link between the illnesses and the base.

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(credit: CBS)

An executive order that would provide medical help to the affected veterans was on its way to President Trump's desk to be signed when rioters overtook the Capitol. Advocates hope the Biden administration will now take action.

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