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Immigrant Groups Rally For 'Virginia's Bill'

DENVER (CBS4) - State lawmakers worked on another effort that focuses on where and how Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers can arrest undocumented immigrants.

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(credit: CBS)

The bill called Virginia's Law makes hospitals, schools and courthouses off limits to immigration agents.

The Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition held a rally in favor of the bill on Wednesday at the State Capitol building.

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(credit: CBS)

A teacher from Boulder talked about the impact of immigration agents profiling parents and students in schools.

"It was not only students with immigrant parents, it was also their friends. They would say 'Is this gong to happen to my parents? Is my friend going to have to leave?'" said Pati Hernandez.

The law is named after a woman who was detained by ICE after she called 911 for help while being attacked by her husband.

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