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Husband, daughter of Colorado caretaker caught on video abusing mentally disabled man arrested

New charges filed in abuse of mentally disabled man
New charges filed in abuse of mentally disabled man 00:50

After 71-year-old caretaker, Gerilynn "Lynn" Amaro, was caught on video abusing a mentally disabled man which led to her arrest, her husband and daughter were taken into custody on Thursday in connection to the incident.

In February, a video that was obtained by CBS News Colorado showed Gerilynn abusing the 55-year-old man, named Oscar, who reportedly is developmentally disabled and operates at the level of a 5 to 8-year-old child. 

Gerilynn was the man's legal caretaker and has had legal custody over him since his father died 11 years ago.

"You do your squats and you do them right, now!" Gerilynn was heard screaming at the man. "Get your f-----g arms down," she yelled at one point. "If I see you do this again, I'm going to break your arms."

The video shows Gerilynn knocking Oscar off his feet several different times. She was then arrested on six felony charges.

The videos, which were turned over to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office in January, led investigators to Gerilynn's arrest on Feb. 7. 


They were recorded by one of Gerilynn's daughters, Melissa Crawford, 48, who stayed at her parent's Strasburg home from September 2023 until last month. She said she secretly recorded the videos on her cellphone in mid-December as she said the alleged abuse of the man was unrelenting.

Crawford told CBS News Colorado that she decided to do something because she thought Oscar might die in the home. She said it was "horrible" to give investigators the evidence that would lead to her mother's arrest.

In an arrest affidavit for Gerilynn, investigators said the video showed her apparently kicking the man in the chest. Deputies also said when they interviewed Oscar, he reported being hit in the face numerous times and that Gerilynn beat him with a "yellow stick" all over his body.

Authorities arrested Richard Amaro and Ricci Amaro in Phillips County on Thursday. Ricci is charged with six counts of assaulting an at-risk adult, while Richard is charged with two counts of assault on an at-risk adult. 

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"We are not abusive. He was not treated bad. We love him," Gerilynn told CBS News Colorado Investigative Reporter Brian Maas in a lengthy phone call following the incident. 

Both Richard and Ricci are currently being held on $2,500 bond. Gerilynn appeared in court back in March. 

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