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High School Seniors Anxious Of What College Will Look Like In The Fall

DENVER (CBS4) - In the blink of an eye, Albert Ursetta's senior year at John F. Kennedy High School in Denver was turned upside down. He was looking forward to his final season of baseball.

"It was the day before our first game, and they said season's postponed, and no more school for the rest of the year. We were just in shock," he told CBS4's Dominic Garcia.

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His next question was what will college look like next year. Ursetta had been accepted to the University of Northern Colorado. The incoming freshman says UNC has been very transparent about their plans.

UNC told CBS4 the plan is to have students back on campus in August, but what that looks like could evolve. Social distancing measures will likely still be in place. Testing and temperature checks might be used, and some students may be put in their own rooms. Albert says if the numbers spike and campus is closed, he may hold off attending UNC until he can have the full college experience.

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"It was a personal decision that I've already talked to my mom about. I'm not going to pay more money than I need to to go to UNC when I could take cheaper classes here in Denver if I'm not going to be able to live on campus or anything," he told CBS4.

Albert is a little worried, but still mostly excited and optimistic. It's something this Denver Scholarship Foundation recipient echoed in an open letter to the class of 2020.

"Just keep moving forward, nobody else has experienced what we're experiencing. We are stronger together."

Read Albert's Letter:

Dear Class of 2020,

We were all shocked to hear the news on Friday, March 13, that we would not be returning to school. We had walked down those halls, gone out to lunch with our friends, and sat in our last high school class for the last time without even knowing it. We were unsure of our future, or what these changes would mean to us.

John F. Kennedy once said, "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." This change to remote learning has been inconsistent and hard to adapt to. It was nothing like any of us were used to or had experienced before. We were facing the fear of the unknown, and FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, on graduation, prom, baseball, and other senior traditions.

In the last several weeks, I have learned not to take things for granted.

Though it sucks staying at home, I'm glad that our Class of 2020 and their families are safe. It is really important, since we cannot hang out together, that we continue to check in on one another through FaceTime, social media, and even dropping Starbucks off to your friends. We will get through this together.

I am not going to miss the future. I am excited to start college in the fall. My future is what is motivating me to finish strong with virtual learning. It is important that we all keep looking forward. We can't let minor setbacks affect our plans for the future. We will continue supporting and motivating each other. We have overcome so much by leaning on our teachers, families, and each other for support because together we can accomplish anything. After all, that is how we have made it this far.

Our class has experienced a lot together.

Our class quote says it all: Success is a journey, not a destination. At Kennedy High School, we live by our motto that "We are Stronger Together." Times like this are where we unite and come together as the graduating Class of 2020. It has been a great journey, and together we will persevere. Together, We are 2020 Strong.


Albert J. Ursetta

Class of 2020 All School Co-President | John F. Kennedy High School
DSF Scholarship Applicant | DSF Future Center Student

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