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Colorado Gum Company Sees Big Business Thanks To Tiger Woods

DENVER (CBS4)- A big win for Tiger Woods became a big boost for a Colorado company. As golf fans watched Tiger make his way to the top of the Masters leaderboard, they couldn't help but notice what was happening in the golf pro's mouth.

(credit: Golf Gum)

"Tiger is chewing gum on the golf course. It's blowing up Twitter," Boyd Wilkinson, COO of Apollo Brands in Denver, said of messages he received from friends the weekend of the Masters.

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(credit: CBS)

Thousands of people around the globe took to the internet to figure out what gum Tiger was chomping on. In the process, many discovered "Golf Gum" – a minty treat made in the Mile High City.

"Immediately, I mean within minutes, the orders started flooding in," Wilkinson said.

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(credit: CBS)

Golf Gum is an energy gum with a liquid center, infused with natural caffeine and B vitamins. It's designed to help golfers have a better day on the course.

"It helps relax you, it helps focus and it helps drive attention to the task at hand," Wilkinson explained of chewing gum.

Studies show chewing gum can help with focus and concentration. Other research suggests caffeine before and during a golf can improve performance. Golf Gum puts both those concepts together in one bite.

"It's the perfect match for on the green," Wilkinson said.

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(credit: CBS)

The weekend of the Masters, Wilkinson explained sales of Golf Gum were greater than the last 18 months combined. Though it's not clear if Tiger was chewing on their product, Golf Gum still gives a lot of credit to the 5-time green jacket champion for boosting their business.

"We couldn't be more thankful to Tiger," Wilkinson added.

Golf Gum is sold primarily online, as well as a select few golf pro shops. To order a pack of your own – and perhaps test it out on the course for yourself – visit


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