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Is Golden too crowded in the summer? Residents speak out.

Is Golden too crowded in the summer? Residents speak out.
Is Golden too crowded in the summer? Residents speak out. 02:27

The hot issue in the middle of winter in Golden is how to deal with summertime festivals and other activities. Residents have raised concerns about too many cars and too much trash, among other issues.

The city council held a listening and discussion session Tuesday.

The informality of the sign on Washington Street in downtown says it all: WELCOME TO GOLDEN ... WHERE THE WEST LIVES.


And nothing says it better than the annual Buffalo Bill Days. It is just one of the numerous events that take place during the summer months.

But is Golden getting too popular during that time?

"I don't know if you could ever say too popular, but certainly very popular and we welcome visitors year-round," said Mayor Laura Weinberg.

The growing popularity of tubing on Clear Creek has added to the summertime visitor numbers, and has led to greater car congestion. That riding of the whitewater is certainly becoming more popular, and so is the Buffalo Bill Days, in part because of its Mutton Bustin' competition.

"Right now, I would steer away from making any big changes this late in the game," said Nola Krajewski, head of the Golden Chamber of Commerce, when as asked about the possibility of limiting the numbers at some of their events or calling them off entirely. "The wheels are already in motion for every single one of these events and so it's ultimately setting them up for failure to have to move."

Among the problems is parking for so many people in such a small area.

They have even been rumors that Buffalo Bill days may get canceled. The mayor says that's not true.

"It's reactionary," she said. "The impression in the community often is that a decision has already been made and perhaps a decision that somebody is saying they don't like and others are agreeing that's a bad decision."

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