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Young Giraffe Kazi Joins Dobby And Herd At Denver Zoo

DENVER (CBS4) -- Dobby the giraffe is going to have a new friend! On Wednesday, the Denver Zoo announced the arrival of a 2-year-old male reticulated giraffe named Kazi.

Kazi (credit: Denver Zoo)

Kazi just arrived from Milwaukee County Zoo.

"Kazi will become the fourth giraffe in our herd and be a social companion for Dobby, who will turn 3 next February," zoo officials stated.

Kazi's animal care team in Milwaukee describes him as a laid back, social animal who loves to engage with guests.

"We expect Dobby and Kazi to become fast friends and manage all sorts of mischief together in the giraffe habitat," officials said on the zoo's website.

"You'll be able to tell them apart because Kazi, at 10 feet, is more than a foot shorter than Dobby, and he has distinctive white spots inside of his brown ones," officials wrote.

Dobby (credit: CBS)

The giraffe barn was closed Wednesday while Kazi gets used to his new home.

"Kazi is already settling into his new home and will soon be introduced to Dobby, Kipele, 26 and Heshimu, 17," the zoo website states.


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