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Full Strawberry Supermoon Will Make Colorado's Sky Brighter Than Normal Tuesday Night

DENVER (CBS4) - If you're looking for something fun to see in the sky tonight make sure to stay up late and check out the Moon. It will rise in the eastern sky about an hour after sunset in Colorado on Tuesday and will be almost directly overhead by midnight. You'll see it setting in the western sky around sunrise on Wednesday.

June's full moon is called the Strawberry Moon but since it is happening during perigee, or the closest point to Earth for the month, it is also called a supermoon.

Full Strawberry Moon
The Full Strawberry Moon had a reddish tint on Monday night due to all of the wildfire smoke in the air. (credit: Jim Brophy)

On Monday night the Moon had a reddish tint to it due to smoke in the air from western wildfires. We could see the same on Tuesday night although for many areas the smoke isn't as thick as it was 24 hours ago.


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