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Farm Workers' Advocates Claim Proposed Rules By Colorado Department Of Labor Regarding Overtime Is Unfair

DENVER (CBS4)- Leaders in the Latinx community are calling on Gov. Jared Polis to provide equal overtime rights for farm workers. The group said proposed rules by the Colorado Department of Labor Enforcement would negatively impact farm workers and communities of color.

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The proposed rule would exempt some farm employees from receiving 40 hours a week and 12 hours a day overtime pay. They would only receive overtime after 60 hours a week as part of a phased-in plan.

Advocates say excluding farm workers from getting overtime is unfair compared to the way other seasonal workers are treated.

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"Like all the other workers in seasonal industries. Like the tourist industries. Like my goodness, our ski industry up in those beautiful mountains. Like all of the other seasonal industries, they all pay their workers overtime," said former Colorado State Sen. Polly Baca.

Advocates say the proposed rule increases the risk of farm workers being overworked and potentially injured on the job.

The Colorado Department of Labor is hosting a public comment session on the proposed changes Nov. 1 but comments are being taken online now.

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