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Family, Friends Gather To Remember Murder Victim

DENVER (CBS4) - Family and friends of a 27-year-old Commerce City man who was murdered on the job gathered on Wednesday night near where his body was found to pay tribute to his life.

Nathan Leon, 27, was shot several times on Sunday by a person or unknown group of people. He had gone missing while he was on duty delivering pizzas for Domino's Pizza and six hours later his body was found in Golden, 20 miles away from his car. Police so far have no leads in the case.

Leon's family said he delivered pizzas as a way to earn extra money for his wife and his three girls.

"Watching Nathan with his kids I looked up to him, because he was a great father," said his father John Leon on Wednesday.

A memorial has been created for Leon on South Rooney Road where his body was found. Family members brought candles and stood at the memorial Wednesday night as darkness fell, launching balloons and sharing their misery and memories.

"Since Sunday, we've just been a total wreck," said Eric Murphy, Leon's brother-in-law. "And just when you think you've cried your tears and you can't cry anymore ... that's all you do."

Family members told CBS4 they can't understand why someone would kill Leon, whose doesn't have a criminal background other than some traffic citations. They said they don't think the motive was robbery, because Domino's doesn't allow its employees to carry more than $20. The killer also left the vehicle alone.

"We need to heal, and I don't think any of us are going to be able to until we know that he's been caught," Murphy said.

"My son is gone. He's not going to come back, He's gone," said John Leon. "But the person or persons who killed him and the way they did this? They'll kill anybody."

Leon's father said the world is "missing a great man."

"Nathan was just a beautiful soul, and it just doesn't make sense," said another friend.

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