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DU gymnast Jessica Hutchinson transforms mother's routine into her own style, success

DU gymnast Jessica Hutchinson transforms mother's routine into her own style, success
DU gymnast Jessica Hutchinson transforms mother's routine into her own style, success 03:47

The first perfect 10 on floor of Jessica Hutchinson's career came amid her wildly successful junior season at DU. But it was so much more than just a flawless floor routine. It's the same floor routine her mother, Silvia Hutchinson (née Mitova) performed when she competed in the 1992 Olympics and World Championships representing Bulgaria.

DU gymnast Jessica Hutchinson.

"It was so special. I've been working toward that for so long," Jessica Hutchinson said. "Just to know that it paid off, and while doing it with this routine, everything came together so well. It was so much fun."

Well, same but different. The routine has the same bones, but Jessica has transformed it to reflect her personality and style.

"I think it took a while for her to embrace the routine. It's such a legacy behind that routine, and to feel a sense of confidence with it and feel herself in that routine," said Melissa Kutcher-Rinehart, head coach of DU gymnastics. "But I think it has been a complete and utter joy for her to do. It certainly has been for us to watch and be part of." 

Silvia's routine is often described as iconic. When Jessica decided to replicate her mother's routine, she knew the risks that came with it.

"There was a lot of pressure," Jessica said. ' As I was learning it, I went back and forth a bunch of times."

But Silvia had no doubt that Jessica would take the routine to a new level.

"I knew she would make it great. I just knew it. I was not nervous at all. She made it so much better, so much better," Silvia said with a smile. "It's beautiful to watch. It's very special to me."


"I always thought of myself as a completely different person, and I still see that. But I also see all that she's done for me and the path that she gave me.," Jessica said. "It's helped me gain some confidence in myself. Like, my mom did that, and I can do that too. I can be iconic too."

Jessica's routine is more than just paying homage to her mom. It's also for her grandparents who coached her growing up, for her late grandfather who passed away last year.

"Jessica doing it for him and knowing how much he would have loved this, that makes it even more special," Silvia said.

Jessica's success this season goes far beyond the floor. She also earned a 10 on beam, garnered All-American honors and was named the Big 12 Gymnast of the Year for a second consecutive season. Her mother knows it's a culmination of a lifetime of hard work.

"Her work ethic is unbelievable," Silvia said. " She's been like this since she was little. She performed her first floor routine in front of a huge crowd when she was just three years old. It's in her blood. She's been a performer her whole life."

It's certainly been a season of success for Jessica. But years down the road, when the trophies gather dust and the honors become distant memories, this floor routine and it's incredible significance will forever shine brightly.

"It makes it more special for me too because I feel like with floor routines in the past I didn't really have meaning behind them," Jessica said. "I'll always be able to go back and watch this routine and not only think that it was a good routine but also the connection it built and how happy it made my family. That's something I'll really treasure."

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