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New Drone Helps Durango Police Catch Men Suspected Of Assaulting Girlfriends

DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4) - The Durango Police Department has already made good use of its newest, high tech addition. A drone helped police catch assault and robbery suspects.

The device is equipped with thermal imaging, lights and a speaker. Police say the drone spotted two men leaving a trail after assaulting their girlfriends and robbing them of $2,000.

Durango PD Drone video1 (credit DPD)_lfsmith_frame_311
(credit: Durango Police)

Authorities say the men hid from police until police left the area. That's when the suspects walked out to their vehicle, unknowingly being watched by the drone.

Police caught up to them and arrested them.

"No high-speed chase, no tussle in the bushes, no officers (or suspects) injured. This is always our goal; to work smarter to safely apprehend criminals," police said.

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