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DIA Considering Moving TSA Screening Out OF 'The Great Hall'

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver International Airport is considering giving the main terminal a dramatic face lift.

The Great Hall would look a lot different if the airport's grand plan goes through. DIA is talking about moving the Transportation Security Administration screening areas to make the airport a more welcome place for travelers.

The Great Hall is inside the main terminal. The TSA security check points currently take up a lot of space. Whether the area would be used for shops, comfortable seating, or just meeting areas remains to be seen.

There are a lot of options and the proposal is only in the planning stages.

"Having TSA and the security processing in the Great Hall is the No. 1 complaint we hear from our passengers. They have perceived long waits that in reality are no longer than any other airport. They're uncomfortable disrobing in a very wide open space," DIA spokesperson Stacey Stegman said. "So what we're doing is taking a look at where we can put TSA that makes a better use of the space, is more efficient for travelers, makes them feel more comfortable with the whole airport experience."

DIA Denver International Airport Security Lines
Denver International Airport (credit: CBS)

A lot of the ticket counter areas currently aren't used, so one possible move for TSA could be the upper level.

Paying for it would require a public-private partnership, and even if that happens it will take until next year at the earliest to put the plan in play.

DIA will also look at how technology can help get passengers get through security more quickly.


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